Transcreation is a relatively new concept in the advertising and marketing areas. The word transcreation means translation + creation aand has very distinctive and highly important applications. It is not mere translation and it is not exactly copywriting, but lies somewhere in between.

Why transcreation?

The demand for expert translators is growing, since companies and even individuals seeking translation services are aware of how crucial it is to tailor their business offer to their audience in a highly creative fashion.

Transcreation jobs often require working with images and text, as in brochures, videos and TV commercials. In these cases, the professional must make the message suitable for the media through which it will be transmitted, adapting the text to fit the available timecode and/or match the images and the layout.

The professional should thoroughly study the client’s strategy and business goals and apply his/her cultural knowledge and creative skills to produce a result that causes a positive emotional response from the target audience.

What are the most common examples of transcreation?

Some proposals which greatly benefit from transcreation services are:



TV ads

Videos for social networks and other platforms

Any text using linguistic techniques such as double entendre, idioms and/or using cultural references.

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