Legal Translation

Legal Translation

A legal text, by nature, is so important that it requires specialized treatment which goes far beyond a simple technical translation.

Legal documents have legal value and must be translated with accuracy and precision. If the translator does not have specialized knowledge, not only of the subject to be translated, but also of the correct legal terms to be applied, the meaning of the original text may be skewed, leading to judicial consequences.

Therefore, when choosing a translation company, it is crucial to evaluate if they have a team of trained professionals in the legal area, who can ensure a legal translation true to the original and correct in the local context. Our legal translator has worked as an interpreter in court hearings, a task that requires specialized knowledge to be agile in real-time translation.

Do you have technical support resources for legal translation?

Yes. We believe that even the most skilled translator needs support, so we have created specific glossaries for this area, which are constantly updated, as well as technical legal translation memories. We can use these tools exclusively or in conjunction with reference materials provided by the client, if necessary.

The following are some examples of documents that require legal translation:

  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of criminal proceedings
  • Translation of reports/minutes
  • Translation of certificates
  • Any text that has legal value

I need a certified translation. Should I ask for a legal translation?

In this case, you should ask for a certified translation, because not all legal translations require certification. You can contact us directly using our contact  form or if you want more information about certified translation click here.

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