Website Localization

Website Localization

The official website of a company or organization is absolutely crucial nowadays. Your company website is your storefront, your brand image and is often the first impression a potential client will get of a particular service and/or product.

In fact, several studies show that it takes only a few seconds for visitors to decide whether to continue exploring a website or leave it, judging the quality of the product, and consequently the company/individual, by the quality of the website’s writing.

Therefore, it is imperative to seek translation solutions that can measure up to the quality you want to project, to capture visitors’ attention from the get-go and keep them captivated throughout their navigation.

How do you offer this translation service?

We are flexible, able to cater for different needs when translating websites. For example, we offer translation of texts in simple format, Excel or Word, but also in XML, HTML (and other web page formats) easily downloadable to your website if you so require.

What languages do you offer? And do you carry out adaptations from Brazilian Portuguese to European Portuguese?

We offer translation services of entire websites or specific web pages in the following language pairs: English, Italian, French and Spanish into Iberian Portuguese, and Portuguese into English. Our team specializes in these languages, but we can also offer other language pairs on request.

We also offer Brazilian Portuguese to European Portuguese adaptation. Many companies use this service because of the multiple benefits of a commercial offer tailored and dedicated to the Portuguese target audience.

And if I’m not a big multinational company?

Our translation company treats every request with the same commitment and dedication, whether it is from a large company or an individual person, whether it is the translation of a corporate website, blog or forum, or the translation of specialized content such as keywords for strong SEO positioning, product descriptions, newsletters, downloadable PDFs or catalogues, and so much more.

Contact us and ask for a quote for whatever you need, with no obligation, and with the flexibility that the constantly expanding digital landscape requires.


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