Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation

Creativity, experience and resources are the three pillars of a marketing translation that will make an impression.

This is one of the most demanding areas of translation because the language employed must be attractive, straightforward and grab the curiosity of the target audience from the very beginning, holding their attention throughout.

Many translators can translate marketing or advertising material, but only the best achieve a smooth common thread between the source text, the translation and the end consumer.

Translation is an art that cannot adhere to strictly defined rules or guidelines. It is vital that the translator:

1. Has the sensitivity to capture the essence of the source;

2. Takes on board the client’s intentions and instructions;

3. Uses creativity and experience to produce a translation that is simultaneously faithful to the original and tailored to the target audience.

Our translation company focuses on this source-translation-consumer triangle, selecting specific translators within our team that demonstrate the particular skills needed for this type of demanding translation.

Nevertheless, even the most creative and brilliant of translators requires support. Therefore, a battery of resources such as glossaries for each area of expertise, a rigorous review and quality control service and technical resources are put to use in performing the translation, ensuring the highest standards are met and to preserve the original format, which is especially important in the case of brochures, booklets, catalogues and websites, for example. All of which is part of our service.

Other Information

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Below, we present a non-exhaustive list of our marketing/advertising translation services:

  • Translation of leaflets, brochures, banners, etc.
  • Translation of slogans, advertising campaigns, among others
  • Translation of catalogues
  • Website localization
  • Translation of PowerPoint presentations
  • Translation of Facebook and AdWords campaigns
  • Translation of magazine and newspaper articles
  • Translation of newsletters
  • Translation of Press Releases
  • Any advertising text in scanned format.

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