Certified Translation

Certified Translation

To fulfil legal requirements, we sometimes need to obtain a certified translation. To do so, we highly recommend using individuals or companies experienced in the certification of documents, since mistakes in the process can render your document legally invalid. Moreover, some notaries only accept documents delivered by a professional translator before proceeding to certify the document.

In our translation company, this process is facilitated because we handle both the translation and the certification of any document you need. The certificates will then be legally valid for use in Portugal or abroad, as required.

Is the certification process the same for documents required in Portugal and abroad?

Certification by a notary or lawyer usually applies to documents that will be used in Portugal. To be used abroad within the signatory countries of the Hague Convention, the documents require an Apostille, also called the Hague Apostille.

Our team of translators is experienced in this field. As such, we can advise you and handle all the stages of the process, from the translation to the certification of the document, making sure you obtain a reliable certified translation hassle-free.

Contact us if you need a certified translation. The non-exhaustive list below outlines the kind of certifications our translation our company usually handles:

  • Translation of birth certificates
  • Translation of marriage certificates
  • Translation of certificates and diplomas
  • Translation of school / academic records
  • Translation of adoption papers
  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of business certificates
  • Translation of reports / minutes
  • Translation of invoices

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