Revision and Proofreading

Revision and Proofreading

The quality of writing is undoubtedly essential for a text to achieve its purpose.

A product, service or idea may be brilliant, but if the writing is poor, the result could have a devastating impact on the intentions and reputation of a company or group, since writing acts as a showcase of what you can do, your brand image, and is the first and most important opportunity to create a positive or negative impression on the reader.

At Chancexpression, our team specializes in Portuguese.

In addition to the knowledge and experience of our reviewers, we have created and continuously update our own style guides, providing a quality-control framework for all our translators to work within.

Is proofreading really that important?

We consider this service, as well as the final quality control, absolutely crucial and thus these steps are built into all our translation quotes as an integral part of the entire process. The client is therefore offered an affordable service with a guarantee as to the quality of the final translation.

However, we also acknowledge the reality of the market and that many translations are sent with issues in terms of grammar, spelling and, in the worst-case scenario, consistency. That’s why we provide two separate services for clients who need their translation to be revised by experienced and skilled eyes:

  1. Proofreading: a service where the reviewer is provided only with the translation in Portuguese, without access to the source text, in order to focus on grammar and spelling.
  2. Revision: a more exhaustive service, comparing the translation with the source text, not only to correct spelling/grammatical errors, but also to ensure that the translation is accurate and consistent. If the client has glossaries and/or translation memories available, the reviewer can also ensure that these have been effectively and consistently implemented throughout the text.

Thanks to our experience in various fields of technical, advertising/marketing and legal translation, as well as website localization, transcreation and copywriting, among other services, we know we can help you achieve the quality expected by any successful business or activity.

Note: Chancexpression reserves the right to refuse revision and/or proofreading services if the translation delivered to us is of extremely poor quality, has multiple or severe issues and/or is a machine translation. In these cases, we will discuss the matter with the client proposing other feasible solutions.


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