Why isn’t this type of service simply called translation?

Because the translation requires more than general knowledge of the target audience. The translator must draw on profound knowledge of the target to “localize” the source texts, tailoring them to the recipients.

This implies breaking down cultural and linguistic barriers, localizing terms, expressions—and basically the whole text—to create an organic result that is both informative and appealing to the target audience.

This service normally applies to the translation of software and video games, while the most appropriate service for translating slogans, commercials, videos and other content is transcreation.

Why is this service so important?

When a company decides to expand its software to incorporate other languages, it does so as part of a carefully thought-out marketing strategy. This approach will only be successful with the implementation of correct localization.

Literal translations will not get the job done. It is imperative to apply the right terminology and adapt it to the market when translating user interfaces, user manuals and other software content.

If the terminology is not properly localized, the user may be misled and unable to use the software as intended.

In the case of video games, the localization professional must have substantial knowledge on the culture of the source text. This subject is rarely discussed, and consequently we often see video games in which the translator clearly did not understand the intention of the original, and the whole product suffers as a result.

Is this specialized translation service more expensive than a normal translation?

No. Although our translation company offers several specialized translation services, we provide all of them at competitive prices. All members of our translation team are happy to accept responsibility for their own specialization, avoiding a situation whereby prohibitive training costs make the services accessible only to those with substantial budgets.

Talk to us about what you want, even if you are unsure about the exact type of translation service you need. We will be more than happy to assist you by providing suggestions and a quote at no cost. You can contact us using the contact details in the top right-hand corner of the page or through our form.

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