For all the exponential proliferation of images, sounds and video in today’s world and on the Internet, writing is still the foremost means of communication, and in our view it will remain so. That’s why Copywriting is not a luxury, it’s not the icing on the cake; it’s the essential foundation that will ensure a successful outcome.

Copywriting is more than just sitting at a desk and writing. The Copywriter has to tap into a broad scope of knowledge, including an in-depth understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the ability to convey the essence of the product or service the client intends to promote, and aptitude to create an engaging and persuasive text with all the required information in a fluid and natural manner.

Chancexpression is not an advertising agency so how can you provide Copywriting services?

At Chancexpression writing is a passion for all members of our team, and as a translation agency, we have had the privilege of handling all kinds of texts in the most wide-ranging of contexts over the years. This experience, along with a natural flair for Copywriting of certain team members, allows us to provide this service confidently, employing the same skills as when producing our own content.

How can I rest assured that you are as capable of Copywriting as you claim?

We suggest you base your opinion on this very page, for example. Was the text difficult to read or boring at some point? Did you find a word or term somewhere that sounded forced and artificial, or did the sentences seem to flow naturally and pleasantly?

The sensations you felt are indicative of the power of quality Copywriting. This text encompasses some technical concerns, such as SEO keywords and sentence structures, but that does not prevent the reader from perceiving a coherent, appealing, natural-sounding and enjoyable experience.

These are the Copywriting principles we apply at our own translation company and these are the skills and techniques we put at your service for a variety of business areas, such as Copywriting for: websites (launches, updates, makeovers), blogs, product descriptions, e-mails, newsletters, Facebook articles, press releases, online magazines, among others.

Talk to us about the product or business you intend to promote and see how Copywriting can really make a difference.

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